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Babes, this is a request I've had many times from several of my fans, and I think it would by sexy, sexy fun!  I've actually planned my next BE movie as a female animal character who's boobs will grow & grow & grow.

In my next BE movie I'll be a cat girl with a tail, ears, some face make-up (nose & whiskers), wrist cuffs, cat collar, fangs, & cat eye contacts.  My ears will be on a head band but if there's an interest for this I can have AirWolf make a variety of animal latex ears & noses - I KNOW there'll be a Girlie Wolf in our future!  I most likely won't wear a fur suit due to the difficulty with expanding the material.  What I need to know from the furry fans is if the way I described my costume would be "furry content".  I don't want to false advertise or mislead anyone, ya know?

Personally, I think a sexy female animal character would be SUPER HOT, but I want to make sure I get it right for the Furry Fetish.

I'd like to hear from my fans to see just how many of you are *into furry inflation & expansion*, and any thoughts & direction for what I've described would be AWESOME!!! :blowkiss:
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Hi Babes!!

I have some very exciting news:

We are in the process of moving into our new studio and manufacturing complex!   The studio facility will contain multiple sets and a dedicated green screen set.  This will allow us to greatly expand our special effects capabilities so that we can produce more diversified inflation & expansion content.  Our new prop manufacturing and R&D center will significantly improve prop design and production.  This has been a year long undertaking that was temporarily delayed due to my surgeries and illnesses occurring in 2007.

Please bear with us as there will be a slight ramping up process as we get up to speed in our new facility, I can assure you that your patience will be well greatly rewarded!!  :blowkiss:
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  • Drinking: Diet Mtn Dew regards to my "Naughty Girl" pic.  

A dA member reported this pic as being pornography.  Some people need an education in "porn content" because a few have posted angry comments over this particular pic and indeed label it as PORN...pleeze.   Today I received this message from a dA staff member:

""A reviewing member of staff has determined that this deviation does not meet the definition for pornography which is currently in place. No action needed."

That's all I've got to say on the subject...maybe, so have at it with your bitching session over this journal entry too because frankly... I don't give a damn.  

See ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!  :blowkiss:
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Hi Babes!

Nice to see ya again.! :-) Geez....have ya ever had a year when things get out of sorts and turn into the 'snowball effect'?  Gosh, I have BUT things are finally settling down a bit...thankfully!  It's tough when there's family illnesses and I WISH so much there was no hurt or meanness in the world...but I know this is wishful thinking.  

My wonderful step-dad is bedridden at a very young age and it breaks my heart to see him and my Mom go through so many trials.  If I could, I'd invent a magic pill that would not only allow us in a split second to achieve our desired body modifications, but would also give us perfect health and the very best quality of life.  If only...

I luv manipulating my body on a temporary basis and have often wondered what it would be like if I could push a button and make it the *real deal*...ya know...transforming my  ass & thighs into real flesh & bone plumpness for as long or as little as I'd like, maybe just for a day OR for an entire week.  There's things in my closest that don't fit just exactly like I'd like; a pair a jeans that could use a lil' more filling in the tush, or a top that I wouldn't mind looking a lil' more tighter, or a bra that would IMO look a lil' more sexier if my boobs were spilling out even more...

I think a LOT about transformations and believe it's a process.  A process that we can manipulate by using artificial things which temporarily give us a means to an end.  But, what if one day, we're capable of making REAL life transformations as I've described above?  Is this really that far out of reach?  I don't think so, and I believe that once we're capable of achieving this it'll impact every aspect of our lives in a positive way.  

Evolving is a process, and who knows where we'll end up some day...

For today:  I want to wish my Dad hope, peace, & love.

Don't open curtain...

Wed Nov 14, 2007, 11:41 PM
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*drum roll*...#7!!

That's right folks, be careful NOT to cruise the web over @ where you will find self-righteous folks blackballing us deviants.  Watch your back dA's because the nA's are HERE looming in the shadows and take pride in imposing their "Moral Art Authority" on us Deviant Artists.  Why?  Because we have DEPARTED from the NORM.  tsk tsk,  WTF were we thinking?  Isn't the dA supposed to be a community of like-minded people finding refuge from the NORMS in everyday society?

Deviating is NO easy task, and we must ALL tread with caution.  Remember the witches back in scenic Salem?  OR, the pagans during Constantine's Crusades?  "Either conform or burn!" was their  option, and the intolerant spirit those people had to digest continues to thrive today in the 21st Century Communication Highway!  This New Age Internet Intolerance is manifested in the form of:

Mean spirited text zooming through 1000's of pathways in a fraction of a second from a real live human either relatively next door or 1000's of miles away geographically.  Oh my god, what if the nA's could literally "reach out & touch someone"?  *shudder*

Where does this mean spirit originate?  Why do they visit our Deviant Art site and ridicule us for BEING DEVIANTS?  By who's authority do the nA's set these so called normal standards for OUR Art?  Why are they dA posers?

I don't have all the answers to these questions, but I do know the combative, judgmental attitudes expressed by the nA's belongs in the Dark Ages and now that we're journeying into the "Age of Aquarius", it's high time to tell the "Piscean Age" *good bye*.  

To the nA's; If you're just confused & want to be a true DEVIANT accepting of others, then hop on board.  IF, you can't change your intolerant mindset then please move along.  There's MORE than enough NORMAL GROUPS on the net that'll have a perfect niche for you. ;)

That's right:  I don't have 'normal sized boobs' because I'm a DEVIANT...((I've deviated from the norm)) in an area of body modification that I'm highly interested in.  Soooo...if you're a nA...fucking get over yourself.  You're not gonna have any effect what-so-ever on my boob size.  Let your fingers do the walking & talking elsewhere.  Pleasure cums in many forms.

My new fun bags...

Tue Nov 13, 2007, 3:31 PM
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Hi Sexies!

Yep, they're here and they're real - real BIG implants that is. :blowkiss:
My newest breast augmentation occurred this year, I'm now a 34KK cup size and I LOVE my boobs.

I hope you babes enjoy my pics. I would have shared the eye candy here sooner but I got side tracked with other not-so-fun stuff that took me by surprise.

Hugs & Kisses always,

Just Bambi

Wed Aug 23, 2006, 7:55 AM
Hi Babes,

I thought I'd kinda build my gallery up by adding some pics of just *me* HUGE boobs, butt, or belly...just lil' ole' plain me. ;) I have a surprise for my fans *shhhh Bambi* I can't tell you yet...but I'm very excited and can't wait to "pop" the news, it'll be just a bit longer though.

BTW - Some of the pics will have my Bambi Blimps watermark from way back when before I changed my stage name.

Lots A hugs & Kisses!

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Finally back in the swing again!

Mon Aug 7, 2006, 5:07 PM
HUGE hugs and thanks goes out to all of you babes who have added me as a friend, and sent me kind well wishes during my recent bout with kidney stones. I had to take a break for awhile, but now I'm feeling much better and back to my social lil' self again. :blowkiss:

Lots of kisses!

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A visit to my uncles turns into the most embarrassing and enlightening moment of my life. Here's how it unfolded:

I walk into my uncle's home bored to death because his kids were away visiting his ex-wife; I knew I'd be out of place with my parents, aunts & uncles, & their friends boozing it up and playing some stupid card game.  Everyone wants a hug and kiss when I enter the living room, and god how I hate that...all the nasty lipstick smacks, and bear squeezes make me squirm, why the fuck do adults do this to little kids?  I'll never know.  My uncle offers me a glass of apple juice and potato chips, the chips sound good but apple juice is for babies I  think to myself and look at my mom asking for a coke.

I take my snack and head off to my cousins bedroom, she's also six years old and has an ass load of...OMG...dolls...such a sissy, why can't she play with army men, trucks, and weapons?  I try to put aside the wish for my favorite toys and the creative juices begin to flow.  I pick up a couple of her silly Barbie dolls and immediately strip away their fancy little clothes when I happily spot the scissors and markers laying on my cousins desk.  Hmmmm....damn it's so tempting and being the mischevious little brat that I am, I grab the scissors and a green & black marker.  I decide the barbies will be a LOT more fun and interesting if they're groomed for combat.  I spike their hair, add a green & black camo motif to their bods making sure the nipples on their little pointy boobs are painted completely in black.  Ahhhh...that's so much better, now it's time to play MY way and the games begin...

Oh shit!  I'm so engrossed in completely redecorating my cousins dolls I don't even notice that my dad is standing right over me watching as I finish the last enhancements!  He jerks me up by the arm and tells me what a bad little brat I am once again, like I don't hear this each fucking day of my early childhood!  I drop the dolls as he drags me into the living room, telling all those stupid adults how bad I'd been.  I mean hell, where's the appreciation for a kids imagination?  The adults look at me as if they'd seen a midget alien, and it's all I can do to keep from bubbling out with laughter.  My dad picks me up and plops me on the sofa telling me not to move a muscle, yeah right, like I can keep my heart and lungs completely still dear ole dad.  Geez.  The adults forget about me as they continue to guzzle their booze and talk with excitement about some weird game called 'Strip Poker'...whatever the hell that is, I wonder?  I sit there allowing my mind to take me to my private little place where I can BE me when I suddenly see her....

The portrait must be a new part of my uncle's collection, I didn't exactly know *what* he collected but I'd heard my mom say his painted girls should be kept hidden in a special place.  Perhaps this girl snuck out, and wanted to be seen...who knows?  I for sure couldn't take my eyes off of her long raven hair, beautiful face, and deeply painted eyes and red, shiny lips.  As my eyes wandered down toward the rest of her form, I was stunned to see her bare chest.  I could feel my breath draw in as I looked in amazement at her perfectly round and full breasts.  Her boobs were the biggest I'd ever seen, and the nipples were perfectly pink, standing to attention as if they wanted to be touched.  I could feel myself blushing from the thought of seeing this naked woman in front of all these people and hoped that no one had noticed.  I was a bit too late breaking away from my trance when suddenly my uncle demanded to know what in the hell I was doing?  He couldn't possibly be a gentleman and just let it go, no...he had to focus everyone's attention on me and the fact that I had been staring at a woman's nude breasts.  Jerk.

The next day I couldn't forget or draw my mind away from this woman and just how lovely she looked.  Several times throughout the day I would peek down my shirt and wonder how a girl could get those big, perfectly round beautiful boobs.  Every afternoon my mom would send me to her bedroom for a nap, god knows why because I sure as hell couldn't fall asleep at the age of six.  Looking back I suppose it was her way for a quiet escape of her own.  As soon as she shut the door I removed my top and stood in front of her mirror, grabbing my own little immature nubs to see if I could stretch and pull hard enough in order to make them grow.  It suddenly occured to me that I could try on one of my mother's bras, and perhaps if I wished really hard her bra would perform some kind of big boob growing magic just for me.  After struggling with the fasteners, the straps, and all the material that was way too big for my small frame I was finally wearing my mom's black lace bra...but, nothing was happening...the magic I wished for, sadly, wasn't there.  The bra just hung on my tiny chest to the point of almost reaching my belly button, and I looked totally ridiculous.  It finally occured to me that I could make myself *grow* if I had something to stuff in the bra.  I don't remember how many socks it took to do the trick, but I stuffed and I stuffed until the bra was filled to capacity.  I was completely overjoyed at my new look, and began to anticipate my daily 'pretend naps' with my mom's bras and socks.  I loved the way I could make my boobs grow and grow...

This is exactly how my big boob fetish began and it has been a vital part of my life since, but my *expansion* fetish didn't stop here and grew to encompass many parts of the body...I'll share all of this later. ;-)

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